Your landscape is a functioning ecological system.  Its success was first dependent upon thoughtful design, arrangement and installation.  Now, the balance shifts completely upon the landscape's care & management.


Homeowners often have several services involved in the care of the property (e.g. a maintenance co., spray co., irrigation co., etc.).  Rarely is one communicating with the other.   Often times, each is following a "cookie cutter" program designed for speed and volume rather than the individual needs and requirements of the site.

I believe in the "holistic" approach to a successful landscape where design, plant selections, soil conditions, irrigation practices, maintenance regimes, etc. each play an integral role.  When these components are monitored & managed well:
  • Costs are controlled.
  • Errors and related losses are avoided.
  • Tasks are justified, accurate and better coordinated.
  • The landscape is healthier and more resistant to drought, pests & disease.
The first step in managing the property is to prepare a Site-Specific Journal that notes all the unique plant types and site characteristics.  This is the foundation and reference for determining the landscape's needs.

Based on your property's features, its current care regimen & condition, and your expectations, I'll suggest a program to improve the situation.  My sole interest is a successful & properly managed landscape and I accomplish this by:

  • Identifying & organizing tasks to be done.
  • Monitoring the landscape's care (i.e. plant health, irrigation, etc.).
  • Monitoring development (pruning practices, overcrowding, transplanting).
  • Keeping the homeowner informed - giving recommendations.
  • Communicating with the respective service company when needed.

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