The initial inspiration for the Care Guide & Site-Specific Journal was the lack of accurate care my projects were given after completion.  The challenge is that each landscape has specific care requirements based on its unique set of plantings, design objectives and site characteristics.  Occasional visits to the properties found maintenance errors and customers anxious for guidance.

Some homeowners like to care for the landscape themselves and others hire gardeners.  Many of these maintenance companies work hard and with the best of intentions.  However, often they lack an understanding of what the designer intended and the specific horticultural knowledge these landscapes require.

"The solution was to prepare a comprehensive Care Guide for each unique landscape that showed what needed to be done, when it needed to be done and how."

These Care Guides & Site-Specific Journals originate from over 40 years of experience in designing, installing & caring for landscapes.

They include clear, easy-to-follow instructions on major landscape topics such as pruning, irrigation, fertilizing, etc.  This is combined with details, charts, and a "month by month" maintenance schedule for your landscape.

For a consumer & homeowner, accurate information can be a real asset.  This definitive reference tool can be used in many ways to manage your property and reduce the risk of making costly errors.

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