Having a landscape that becomes more beautiful & valuable with time should not be a luxury.  You should expect this from your investment.

It takes knowledge, experience, patience & creativity to discover a property's true potential.  One must appreciate the "natural systems" that influence a landscape, both aesthetically & culturally.

The landscape design & construction errors I see raise the question:  Is the focus too much on volume & production and not enough on the integrity of the landscape process?

Unlike many of the other fields of design, the environmental characteristics and earth sciences are mandatory considerations.  My design approach is guided by a respect for the influences of nature and a strong background in the horticultural sciences.  I create design solutions that harmonize with the style of home, the environmental con-
straints of the site, and the owner's expectations.

Whether you are considering a quaint sitting area or renovating the front yard land-
scape, I provide just the degree of design and guidance to ensure a successful solution.

There are simple sketches that provide a cost effective, thoughtful plan for basic design chal-
lenges.  These sketches are drawn in a "propor-
tional scale" that give realistic representation of the design area and the arrangement & spacing of all elements.

These simple sketches are easy for anyone to follow, including "Do-It-Yourselfers."

Larger, more complex projects usually warrant a complete site plan drawn to scale.  This offers specific details for all those who need to interpret the design.

During the design process I welcome feedback from the homeowner.  Inevitably, it becomes an education for all - I learn your expectations & preferences and you understand  the dynamics of your property as they relate to the design.  Quite simply, you're better informed to make the right decisions concerning the design and future management of your landscape. 

"Roger has been an invaluable asset in the design, development & installation of our home's landscape.  He fills the roles of advisor, project manager, and at times, installer.  Always patient, Roger takes the time to understand our tastes & preferences.  He is willing to provide as much direction as needed and always with creativity and attention to detail.  Quality results, on budget, and on time!"

Judith & Bob Nelson

Project Management
Over the years I have managed projects of all types.  As a designer / contractor, my experience originates from working closely with the many disciplines & professions that contribute to the landscape.  Whether it is a specific aspect of your landscape or a comprehensive project from "start to finish," I strive for organization, quality and productivity.

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