There are various reasons and benefits that inspire homeowners to do a part or all of the landscape themselves.
To save money:  If you provide the labor, which is typically a major part of any landscape job, you're going to save money.  In addition, if you are informed about material selection (e.g. quality, sizing issues, etc.) and where to buy, you're going to make cost-effective purchases.

The job is done right:  Outfitted with a plan drawing and guided on procedure, you'll be prepared to complete the project, step by step, the correct way.


"There is a real sense of satisfaction in working with the earth. To take an idea, create it and watch it develop over time is fantastic."

Every project and circumstance is unique.  Therefore, the amount of guidance you need will vary.  My goal is to provide thoughtful design and supportive information for you to complete the job "professionally." (And maybe a bit better.)

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