It is clearly evident that every aspect of the landscape process is vital to the garden's success & long-term development.  A shortcoming anywhere along the line will jeopardize its health & beauty and ultimately result in unnecessary, sometimes perpetual expense (e.g. plant replacements, repairs, repeat disease & insect control, etc.).  Therefore, even a quick review can be productive, often times identifying key issues that will improve the landscape immediately.

Following are just some of the ways I've helped homeowners make appropriate and cost effective decisions for their landscapes:

  • Review a landscape plan, specifications or proposal to identify possible deficiencies in proposed plant selection, arrangement & spacing, drainage and site design, irrigation design, etc.
"Roger provided an excellent critique on the plantings specified in our landscape plan.  He advised as to which plants were appropriate for a particular area and made alternate suggestions for those that were not. After his review of plant spacing, we were amazed at the excessive amount of plants shown on our plan.  Surely we've avoided future overcrowding & renovating.
In addition, Roger analyzed a grading/drainage problem, presented us with alternate solutions and helped us choose the best one.  He is extremely knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with."

Britt Marie & Joe Deker

  • Periodic visits during a landscape project to reveal weaknesses that can be addressed before the job is complete (e.g. plant selection, arrangement and spacing, installation procedures, etc.).
"During the early stages of our landscaping project it became clear that there were several problems that needed immediate attention.  First, Roger identified grading issues that the landscaper did not address that would have led to potential water problems in the basement.  Secondly, he pointed out plant spacing errors, particularly near the house.  Thirdly, Roger dealt with the problem of under & over watering by doing routine checks during the plants' establishment period.  The consults we received from Roger were invaluable.  We would never tackle a project like this without his guidance and care."

Dr. Ann Nylund
Anthony Roccanova

  • Review an existing landscape that has chronic problems with issues concerning plant loss or decline, drainage, irrigation, etc.; identify the cause and present solutions.
"We have used Roger's expertise in a wide variety of areas over the past seven years.  What makes Roger so unique and invaluable is his attention to detail.  His advice has included appropriate maintenance tasks & scheduling, irrigation, pest & disease identification and proper pruning methods.  We relay this information to our own service people and the results have been beneficial."

Karen & Chris Amo  

  • Review a landscape maintenance schedule and its procedures to identify what might be overlooked, incorrectly done or, perhaps, not even necessary.

"Roger had originally designed our landscape.  After visiting the property, he pointed out a number of deficiencies in its care.  There were pruning mistakes, neglected perennials, issues with our sprinkler system, etc.  Roger prepared a personal journal for us with instructions and recommendations for our landscape.  With his guidance we're confident our plantings will recover."

Barbara & Allan Mandelbaum

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