1. On Site Meeting: An opportunity for the designer and homeowner to meet one another and look over the property.  Now is the time to discuss aesthetics, function and, perhaps, solutions to problems.
2. Preliminary Drawings*: These basic line drawings illustrate how space can be divided, shaped and utilized.  Details & specifics are not a priority at this time.

* This phase is not always necessary and depends upon the size & complexity of the area to design.


3. A Plan Is Prepared: With information gathered from the site and design & functional objectives defined with the homeowner, a site plan complete with a "planting legend" is prepared.

4. Site Work, Construction & Installation
A methodical process where each phase and every element contributes to the project.  This "staged" process should allow opportunites for the homeowner and designer to discuss the landscape's progress and any necessary changes.  Any compromise in the quality of material or workmanship could jeopardize the long-term success of the landscape.

5. Immediate & Future Care: The importance of plant care & property management cannot be overemphasized.  This is a living, ecological system.  Every property is different and every plant type offers its own unique challenges & opportunities.  Look for site-specific instructions and a coordinating schedule (month-to-month) that guides you and/or your maintenance contractor.


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