"Welcome to Landscape 101.  Here, we'll learn to recognize good design and landscape practices."

The success of any landscape relies on the integrity of The Landscape Process.  To neglect or compromise any one of its components jeopardizes the landscape's look and long-term development.

Let's begin!  With the use of photos and brief explanations, I'll demonstrate what to do and what not to do.  Perhaps some of these will "hit home" with what's happening (or not happening) around your property.


Landscape Applications
Good design, installation & care give immediate and long-term benefits.

Landscape Design & Construction Errors
Poor design & installation results in aesthetic and financial loss.

Landscape Maintenance Errors
Inadequate or improper care affects plant health & development.


As "Landscape 101" expands, I hope it helps all those interested in the art & science of horticulture, including those in the trade who are anxious to gain more insight and information.


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